Wellness Resources


LAP and BarCARES provide support to the legal community to assist with a variety of personal, family, and work issues.

BarCARES: Offers lawyers three free confidential counseling sessions annually to assist with a variety of issues, including: stress, personal issues, family issues, work issues, and coaching regarding stress/time management.

LAP: Assists lawyers with a range of issues, including: anxiety; stress, burnout, and work life balance; depression and suicide; anger management; substance abuse; grief and loss. LAP also provides short-term counseling and crisis management, intervention assistance, assessments, referrals to outside resources, long-term aftercare case management and follow up, on-going support, or just a safe space to discuss issues. If you are concerned about the well-being of a colleague, you can also contact LAP to give an anonymous and confidential referral.

Wellness Articles

Free Mindfulness-based Coaching for Attorneys and Judges (5/7/2018)

Lawyers and judges in the 28th Judicial District may now request 3 cost-free executive coaching sessions with Laura Mahr, Esq. of Conscious Legal Minds through BarCARES to work on building resilience to stress, bringing mindfulness to the practice of law, career transitions, and related topics. In order to set up your first session with Laura through [...] 

Lawyer Wellness Teams (3/7/2018)

Would you like support in your wellness journey? Teams are forming now within the local Bar! Our recent survey on Wellness confirmed significant interest by local lawyers in joining up for group wellness initiatives.  If you’re interested in joining the following groups, please email the Wellness Committee member listed by the activity by March 31, 2018: Yoga — [...] 

What’s Mindfulness Got to Do with It? (6/1/2017)

by Laura Mahr Originally published at NCLAP After six weeks of Mindfulness Meditation for Building Resilience to Stress, lawyers from the 28th Judicial District Bar have the answer… There are few things we lawyers love more than our brains. Which is why, when our brains tell us we are tired, most of us lawyers tell [...] 

Informational Slideshows

The Epidemic of Prescription Painkiller and Opioid Addiction and Death

From E. Blake Fagan, MD Medical Director, OBOT program, MAHEC Division of Family Medicine Chief Education Officer, MAHEC

The Path to Lawyer Well-Being

From Richard Blanks, MD, JD