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What’s Mindfulness Got to Do with It? (6/1/2017)

by Laura Mahr Originally published at NCLAP After six weeks of Mindfulness Meditation for Building Resilience to Stress, lawyers from the 28th Judicial District Bar have the answer… There are few things we lawyers love more than our brains. Which is why, when our brains tell us we are tired, most of us lawyers tell [...] 

Mindful Moment – Take a Breath (4/1/2017)

by Laura Mahr Reposted from NCLAP Most of us are looking for ways to relieve stress, especially professional stress inherent in practicing law. One of the most effective, readily available, and free tools to release stress is often overlooked: taking a breath. Deep breathing not only decreases stress, it also lowers blood pressure, promotes clearer [...] 

Mindful Moment – Negativity Bias (3/1/2017)

by Laura Mahr Reposted from NCLAP Everyone has what neuroscientists call a “negativity bias.” In order to survive physically, our brains evolved such that we remember negative experiences more intensely than positive ones. Every moment, our brains scan for threats. Anything that causes us to feel fear, anxiety, or discomfort, the brain easily records. Conversely, [...] 

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