Tips For Taking Control of Your Practice

At the April Bar Luncheon presentation by Joyce Brafford, Practice Managment Advisor for the North Carolina Bar Association, the following website and apps were presented:

  1. Grammerly on Chrome (corrects grammar)
  2. Sharefile from Citrix
  3. TrendMicro (virus protection)
  4. Criptext (un-send emails)
  5. Boxcryptor (free firewall)
  6. OneNote (giant notebook)
  7. Chrometa (passive timekeeping)
  8. Ravel Law (legal research)
  9. Followupthen (reminder emails)
  10. Veritext (virtual court reporting)
  11. Cyber liability insurance (get it!)
  12. Mindfulness app (guided meditation)
  13. Office lens (scan from phone)
  14. PresentationSimulator (virtual reality for improving public speaking)