Healthcare & Public Benefits Law Attorney – Job Posting

Healthcare & Public Benefits Law Attorney and HIFS Program Director

Substantive Law/Legal Representation

• Primarily represent clients in cases in specialty area of healthcare and public benefits law through both the administrative and state/federal legal systems;
a. Public Benefits law includes but is not limited to: Work First Family Assistance (TANF), Supplemental Security Income (SSI); Social Security Disability Income (SSDI); Food and Nutritional Services (food stamps and WIC).
b. Healthcare law includes but is not limited to: Medicaid, NC Health Choice Program, Medicare, and private health insurance.
• Provide representation and advocacy in general areas of poverty law, as assigned through regular intake process or otherwise, consistent with the requirements of funding sources;
• Handle emergency cases as needed, pursuant to office protocol and procedures;
• Develop area(s) of specialization and be responsible for keeping abreast of developments in that area(s) and disseminating information to staff; attend CLEs and other trainings as appropriate to develop specialization in healthcare and public benefits law;
• Supervise interns and support staff in cases involving areas of specialization;
• Maintain working relationships with the legal, social service, healthcare and client community as appropriate to role.
• Perform outreach activities in the community as opportunities arise focusing on education and raising awareness of our services.

Healthcare Navigator Program

• Serve as a staff attorney on the PLS ACA Healthcare Navigator Program, including but not limited to: represent PLS at some statewide consortium meetings, attend relevant consortium meetings and trainings on behalf of PLS; provide ACA Navigator services as needed (focus on appeal and difficult consumer cases); conduct outreach on the ACA;
• Supervise and evaluate staff members in the PLS ACA Healthcare Navigator Program as needed or directed;
• Research complex situations for volunteer and staff navigators;
• Conduct “escalation appointments” with consumers who have issues that are more complex or have been unable to be resolved by a volunteer.
• Other duties as assigned.
SOAR Team Supervisor

• Provide guidance to and answer questions for the SOAR Caseworkers through regular check-ins case reviews, and weekly team meetings. This includes individual meetings on a weekly basis, review of Medical Summaries to be submitted, helping them to make decision on their cases such as strategy and whether or not to proceed. Being available to sit in on meetings if necessary or to answer questions as they come up.
• Submit the SOAR report every month and report to the funding sources on the work we have been doing.
• Provide outreach and education on the SOAR program as needed.
• Be a first contact legal source for any legal questions that come up for their cases since they are not attorneys and unable to provide legal advice. This can be as simple as pointing them in the direction of a referral or advising the client on the situation.

Health Income and Family Supports Program Director

• Review and assign cases that come in through the intake process to the appropriate staff member. This includes making decisions as to whether we have the resources to assist the applicant, which team member can best help, and reviewing and correcting kemps information on the form. Cases come in almost every day.
• Participate in operations team meetings and any other meetings involving grants or funding for benefits work.
• Reviewing and providing information for grants to the grants writer and doing outreach or anything required for the development team.
• Field questions from the rest of the staff regarding benefits questions.

Salary/ Benefits
Salary based on experience. Excellent fringe benefits, including 401(k) retirement plan, as well as life, health, and disability insurance.

To Apply
Submit resume, cover letter to: Please specify this position on the cover letter and resume.

Pisgah Legal Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Racial minorities, women, the elderly, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.