Habitat / Bar House Update

Habitat / Bar House Update

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Dear Friends of Habitat and the 28th Judicial District Bar House,

Habitat-House-9-2013Check it out!!! The Habitat House sponsored by the Bar is absolutely beautiful - it's hard to believe you raised the first wall of this house only two short months ago!

The heating, electrical and plumbing subcontractors have packed up now, and volunteers are returning to do the interior painting, trim, and the finishing work on the exterior of the house.

Your "Partner Family," Dorinda Haltrich, is moving right along on her Sweat Equity - she has already logged over 125 of her required 200 hours - including some of her required homeownership classes.

Dorinda, like all of our Partner Families, will complete over 50 hours of classwork before she closes on the home. Those courses include a Homebuyer Education course; a "Manage Your Money" class taught by On Track; and classes in Home Maintenance taught by Habitat staffer Jeff Paul. She will also have the opportunity to meet with Brattan Gelder, an attorney who volunteers for us, to begin estate planning. With all that education and information under her belt, Dorinda will be well-prepared for homeownership!

If you have a chance to drive out to the Swannanoa jobsite and take a look, do it. You'll be amazed at how beautiful the house is and how the entire neighborhood is taking shape. If you go, you'll see exactly what I mean when I say: The Bar's partnership with Habitat is helping us build not only a house, but a community.

Thank you!

PS: As always, please share this update widely within your firms and circles of friends. Forward the email, print it out to post on bulletin boards, include it in newsletters or bulletins, and otherwise help us share the news about the 28th Judicial District Bar House and your Partner Family.

PPS: Remember to check the progress of the house frequently by clicking HERE. This page is updated regularly.

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