From Anna Hamrick, State Bar Councilor

From Anna Hamrick, State Bar Councilor

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Dear Friends and Colleagues of the 28th Judicial District – I hope you are well. I have just returned from the April quarterly meeting of the Bar Council in Raleigh, and I would like to share with you some news of what is going on. The Council met April 18 - 21 at the State Bar Building. During each quarterly meeting, all of the committees and subcommittees meet to report on business. You should soon receive the Councilors’ Connection, the State Bar Quarterly Update e-newsletter, with its summary of the April 2017 State Bar Council meeting. In years past, the Councilors’ Connection had a section for the local bar councilor to add a personal introduction, but formatting changes have made that no longer an option. I therefore I wanted to send this additional email. I will send a report after each Quarterly Meeting to give you updates. The April meeting coincided with the General Assembly being in session, and so we had an opportunity to meet with any interested legislators one evening at the Bar Building to discuss the work of the NCSB. The goal of the meeting was to increase communication and understanding between the members of the General Assembly and our State Bar so we may better serve each other and the public. I had the pleasure of speaking with one of our local Senators, Terry Van Duyn, about issues affecting the Bar. In an effort to increase the State ’s Bar visibility with our elected officials, we now have a Legislative Liaison, Peter Bolac. Peter is a great resource for the Bar in educating nonlawyer legislators about our mission and goals, and he is serving us well in that capacity. Below are further areas which may be of particular interest to our members: *The Bar Council will be holding this year’s summer meeting at the Renaissance Hotel in Asheville from July 25-28, 2017. All committee meetings except Grievance and Distinguished Service Award are open to the public. If you are curious about the State Bar, I urge and welcome you to come by and watch a meeting. Please let me know if you have any questions about doing so, and I can help you out. * Unfortunately, I must tell you the unhappy news that our district, along with the 29th, has been selected to be the subject of random trust account auditing for the current (or second) quarter of the year. * If you have any interest in serving on a State Bar committee as an advisory member, please know that may be an option for you. Feel free to contact me or the executive director, Tom Lunsford, at, to find out more. *The State Bar building in Raleigh is for the benefit of all members, and if you are ever in Raleigh and need a conference room or office space in which to work for a time, they will try to help you out. Please contact me or Joe Cerone ( if you have more questions about that. *Please remember part of what the State Bar does to serve its members is offer advice. If you have a question about how to proceed ethically on an issue, please feel free to contact the ethics advice line ( or 919-828-4620) and you will be given guidance. The staff at the State Bar keeps records of your questions and the advice they render. If you follow the advice they give you, and later that is called into question, you will have immunity from any ethical violations. I have found them to be a very helpful resource over the years when I have questions, and I contact them whenever I am in doubt. This year I have been assigned to the Grievance Committee, the Administrative Committee, and the Distinguished Service Committee. I am also on the Celebrate North Carolina Courts Committee as a State Bar representative. The State Bar staff is also doing an excellent job with its new bar councilor orientation program, and I have taken part in that as well when possible. It is a pleasure and honor to represent you in Raleigh. I would greatly appreciate any questions, comments or criticism you may have for me so I may serve you better. Please do not hesitate to contact me. My cell is (828) 707-4249. Thank you, and take care. Sincerely, Anna Anna R. Hamrick 56 College Street, Suite 201 Asheville, NC 28801 (828) 253-0336 Telephone (828) 253-0886 Facsimile Tax ID #72-1536249

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