General Membership Information

General Information

Membership, Dues, Publications, Office Location, etc.


Welcome. We have three classes of membership: active, associate and inactive. One is eligible for Active membership when one has been admitted to the NC Bar and has registered with the NC State Bar as either living or working in the 28th Judicial District [comprised of Buncombe County; see also, map of NC Judicial Districts]. One may join our Bar as an Associate if one is licensed in another state or a member of another district in NC. See our Bylaws to learn about Inactive membership status.


To become a member, send your mailing address, email address, phone number, your state bar number, your North Carolina State Bar admission date, and your date of birth to the Bar Administrator. You may contact the Bar Administrator by telephone 828-252-5733 or by email.


Please return a check made payable to the 28th Judicial District Bar for your dues when you receive your invoice. Annual Dues are required by law and have been implemented through our local bylaws. See N.C.G.S. 84. If you would like to join, the annual membership is $150. You will be sent an invoice in October, and your payment will be due in December of each year. There is a $15 fee for payments made received after December 1. Make your payment to the 28th Judicial District Bar, addressing your envelope as follows: 28th Judicial District Bar, Attention: Treasurer, PO Box 7391, Asheville, NC 28802.


We hold our monthly bar meetings at luncheons on the second Wednesday of the month at The Venue at 21 North Market Street. The meeting starts at 12:30 PM, with doors opening at 12:15. No meetings are held in July, August, and December. Luncheon fees are $10 for members, $18 for guests. Please RSVP for any events you plan to attend.



Most Bar communication is electronic: it is sent via Email and/or posted on this website. Our 700+ members use a wide variety of technology and software. We do our best to communicate compatibly with the modalities most commonly in use by lawyers, but we know that users will experience problems. Many problems will be solved by users' taking the steps permitted within their systems to cause Bar Emails and Bar website applications to be accepted by their spam filters, Email servers, and other elements. Having taken steps to provide wide compatibility, we have not staffed our office to help with technology problems that individuals may experience with our communications.

Weekly Email

A weekly Email is sent electronically to all members to the email address on file. It is the most time-sensitive way of receiving information of interest to 28th lawyers and the legal community. So, make sure that your Bar Administrator has an Email address for you.

To enter a submission to the weekly Email, click Submit Items for Publication to learn how to create and Email an entry.


This is the Bar's website. Among its benefits is a Member Directory. We invite you to join the Directory, by setting up a profile. [A basic initial profile may be set up for you by the Bar Administrator, but optimizing the benefits of the Directory can only be achieved by your input in creating and periodically updating the profile.] An initial password will be provided by the Bar Administrator.

Bar Office

The Bar Office is located at 62 Charlotte Street, Suite F, in the same building as Pisgah Legal Services. Our office hours are 9 - 4:30 Monday - Friday. Please make an appointment by calling 828-252-5733 so that we may best serve your needs.